My Camera Redeemed Itself

I am learning that aperture, ISO and shutter speed are the three pillars of photography. This seems to be in every YouTube video and every article I read about photography. I figured since I learned about ISO it was high time I learned about the other two pillars.  Aperture is how much light you let in which can make your object sharp and focused with a blurred out background like this.

kentonlrussell Flickr via Compfight cc

Great. Only problem is my camera won’t let me manually adjust the aperture. Bummer. Okay, no big deal. I will just focus on shutter speed. Shutter speed is important because it has the power to freeze action or to blur motion which lets you do cool things like this.

jaumescar Flickr via Compfight cc

Guess what? I can’t control that either. I can pick the type of mode i.e beach, sunset, sports which will affect the shutter speed, but that’s it. Fan-freakin-tastic. I am trying to learn about photography and my camera will not let me do two of the three most important things.  In my melancholy state I spent a significantly long time just playing around with my camera seeing what else it couldn’t do when I realized that it can do this:


It was like Christmas! How cool is this and how did I not know this?! I had seen other people’s pictures before and just thought it was them getting all fancy with photoshop. What this does is desaturates all the colours in your picture except for the one colour you want to highlight. So you can see in the first picture I wanted to highlight the colour yellow, the second picture I selected green, the third picture red and the fourth picture blue. Who cares about apeture and shutter speed when you can do this?! Just kidding, I am still terribly annoyed about that, but this is really cool. I have to admit I had way too much fun playing around with this. As always I am so sad I didn’t realize this earlier for my travels.

I couldn’t really find too much information online about it that didn’t focus on photo editing websites, so I decided to make my own ‘how-to’ video for something different in case other people were wondering the same thing.


4 thoughts on “My Camera Redeemed Itself

  1. K, I totally love the idea of your learning project! I wish I would have thought of something like this! Good job on working with what your camera has. Also, I had no idea about those pillars. I want to look into that because photography is something I can see myself getting into in the future. Thanks for the info!


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