My Learning Journey



This is my little camera that has accompanied through my learning project.

I am so happy I picked photography for my learning project and to focus on what my camera is capable of when it is off easy automatic mode. I learned so much about ISO, exposure compensation, black and white photography, white balance and colour desaturation. I also learned about my camera’s limitations; the inability to control shutter speed and aperture. The trick now is putting all my knowledge and learning together. This will definately take practice because I am used to just pointing and shooting and ending up with decent shots, but when it is not on easy auto mode you really have to think about what you are trying to capture and how you want to capture it as well as environmental conditions. It also takes way longer to process the shot and I have to work on keeping my hand still as it is seems to be much shakier now.

Through this learning project I have acquired basic skills and knowledge in photography. It has also given me a passion to keep learning and improving. I have become more critical of my pictures and I am also a lot more aware of what I need to do to take better photos. I still have much to learn, but I feel I now have a good base of knowledge and skills to which to improve upon.

I really tried to expand my venues of learning beyond Youtube, I joined a Google Plus photography community, I loaded my feedly with photography blogs, I tried to follow certain photographers and people, but I found that Youtbe was the best for my learning. I found a lot of the articles were for serious photographers with very high functioning cameras, this is not me and this is definately not my camera. I did use facebook to connect with a photographer to ask her some questions, but overall random articles and Youtube proved to be the most beneficial.

I wanted to put together a collection of some of the pictures I took over the weekend at Grasslands National Park where I had the chance to practice all the skills I have learned over these last seven weeks.


I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to write encouraging comments and thoughtful questions. Thank you for accompanying me on my learning journey.





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