Contributing To The Learning Of Others

It was difficult for me to contribute to others learning in an obvious way. I am often the one that needs a lot of assistance and has a lot of questions. When others did have questions I never knew what the answer was and often had the same question myself. Despite this, I feel I have contributed to others learning in a variety of ways. Here are all the ways I did contribute to others learning.

Twitter: I regularly posted education-related articles including anything from resources, apps and websites, to thinking and theory in education. Anything that I found to be helpful or useful I shared on twitter with the #ecmp355. I have tweeted 101 times and 100 of that has been since Ecmp 355 and most of that has been specifically for Ecmp 355. I am also following other educators and retweeting and liking tweets they and my peers put out.


Google Plus: As stated early it was difficult for me to respond to my colleagues questions since I often didn’t know the answer. However, I did check Gooogle Plus regularly and commented and asked questions. I provided plenty of opportunities for my colleagues to use my posts as proof as to how they answered all of my questions. Here are some samples of my contributions in Google Plus.

Class: I was active in commenting in group chat and during breakout sessions. I always tried to ask and answer questions and to be engaged in a way that was beneficial to myself and to my peers.

Blogs: I regularly read and commented on students blogs. I tried to ask questions and offer encouragement and support  to my peers in their learning projects. I also tried to respond to comments people left on  my blog posts as well. blog


This is a link to some Blog Comments (Samples).


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