Summary of Learning Take 2

I definately had some trial and error with this project. Creating my Summary of Learning became a whole learning project in of itself. I learned how to use movie maker, that you can pause Screencastify in the middle of your recording and how to use Youtube editor. Most importantly I learned you have to be aware when using songs on Youtube as my video was taken down and that Screencastify has a limit of how many you can do a month (50).

This video is rough because I exhausted my Screencastify limit and had my setback with Youtube. Although I have learned so much, my tech skills are still a bit limited so please don’t judge too harshly for this low-quality video, I did try.

For this project I wanted to base it off this TV show called Departures. It aired on OLN several years ago and is a travel show following two guys from Brampton, Ontario. I have included the link to the introduction of the show to what I attempted to base my project off of.

Here is my Summary of Learning.




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